Videos of Thesis

I recently found these videos of my Thesis installation… and if you are interested in seeing the live version!


Etching Stage 1

Here are two etchings, very first state… I have been thinking about commencing a series on the theme of patterns/replication and decay/renewal…these may be part. I gathered many photographs two summers ago that I would like to put to better use. These are open bite, from photographs transferred with PNP Blue. Not sure how much I like that material, but it is an interesting way of transferring a photograph for someone who has no experience with photo-etching processes.

Working on layers 2 and 3 of bug woodcuts


This is how I carve…not recommended for beginners unless you use the Japanese style of tools. I like flexcut for super fine points and powergrip is very easy to use, high quality, and economical.

Below: Testing out Akua inks for monotype. As someone used to oil-based ink and lots of mineral spirits for monotype, it will take a bit of getting used to, but so far I’m pretty amazed by how well they work with wet or dry paper.