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Virtual Renders of Gallery Space

In Crafting Virtual Space this semester I learned how to use Rhino to create files for 3d printing and laser cutting, and also how to render a space. This is my model of the Dorsky and my thesis installation.

Graphic Design Projects

This semester I took an independent study in graphic design. I learned how to use the pen tool in illustrator and a few bits about InDesign. I concentrated on two different fields: printmaking and fracking in Pennsylvania. Below is my final portfolio. Please download it into Adobe Acrobat reader for viewing. Clicking through the navigational arrows will show everything in the portfolio. There is also a link to the map of Susquehanna county drilling activity below. Opening this as an interactive pdf and opening layers will allow you to turn on and off each element for easy viewing.

PLANK FINAL Interactive Portfolio 5-6

pa pipeline4-15

Frack Graphs 5-2

Fracking Steps 4-7

Health Effects of Fracking

printmaking tools