Japanese woodblock class

Class at the ink shop October


Student work from 2014

Here are some of the artworks created by my students, both elementary and secondary,  this year. Line design: fourth grade(tburg),  Dinos: 2nd grade (Poland),  Flower crayon resists: 1st grade (Poland), Collages: kindergarten, Prints and stamps: 2nd grade(tburg), Self portraits: High school (MWPAI pre college program)

Paper marbling samples


Yesterday I learned to marble both with carageenen and in the suminagashi style.  The examples above are with carageenen on Canson paper. 
Prep: Blend 3 scoops carageenen with 6 cups water
Let sit over night.
Mix 1 tbsp alum with 1 cup warm water to dissolve (wear gloves). Coat paper wIth alum and let dry.
To marble: apply golden fluid acrylic to surface of carageenen in a tray.  You can paint or splatter. Use a comb for certain patterns. Lay paper flat on the surface and smooth to remove bubbles.  Peel up and rinse with cold water until paper is no longer slimy.

Suminagashi: put “float paper” circles in a tray of water,  and drop color into the paper to create circles and patterns.

Both are surprisingly easy and give great results!
See patterns : university of washington and at http://www.designsponge.com/2013/02/past-present-marbled-paper-round-up.html