Getting ready to do things

It’s been quite a while since my last post. This year I have been focusing on showing my work in various local venues. I survived my first year teaching high school and I will be returning in the fall. And finally, the most exciting part — I am putting together my own studio space. I just built a work bench with a glass inking slab, and  I am waiting for a baby press from dick blick and ryonet exposure unit as we speak. While waiting, I’m researching techniques for setting up a more advanced electro-etch tank.

Check out the directions for putting together an electo etch tank with a timer on Dwight Pogue’s website:

I saw the demo at last year’s SGC and was impressed with the results of the electro etch tank. Mr. Pogue is the master of green techniques, and I have his book to refer to. My mini tank doesn’t have as much power, so I’m looking at some of the components mentioned on the website:

Power Supply $39

$5 Volt Meter

Timer $45.80

Can’t wait for this ‘lil press to show up. Hope the results are good!

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